Let’s have gender neutral book burning

In a wonderful article in the Spectator Australia, the IPA’s Dr Bella d’ Abrera writes about the proposal by Manningham and Melbourne City Councils:

to remove from their respective kindergartens, schools and libraries all books and toys deemed to enforce gender stereotypes.

Basically a standard and good old fashioned book burning in the Democratic Republic of Victoristan.

Amusingly Dr d’Abrera noted that Melbourne City Council had issued a denial (in reply to the original story in the Herald Sun that is).  But what about Manningham City Council?  Are they going to have their book burning on Invasion Day?  Be sure to read Dr d’Abrera full article for the not surprising link to ANU, but moving on.

Spartacus has an old friend who is a barrister, an SC in NSW now.  This barrister once said about the art of examining a witness that, the easiest thing to do on the stand is to tell the truth.  Telling a lie is so much more complicated with all the side stories that need to be reconciled and i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  And telling a lie is hard to sustain under the light of investigation.  Hard, but not impossible.

Spartacus tells this story because this is where the rubber hits the road.

Why then, if it is inner city lefty dogma that gender stereotypes should not be enforced and that gender “is a social construct”, why is gender balance in parliament, on company boards, in senior executive ranks so paramount?

Either gender is important or it is not.  Which is it?  Can you please make up your minds as we are all confused.  Or is it just the case that gender balance is important for already successful women to accelerate already successful careers.

Sparty dunno.

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