Let The Blogging Begin

From humble beginnings at Catallaxy Files, Spartacus will soon be branching out on his own.

Watch this space ….


3 thoughts on “Let The Blogging Begin

  1. Spartacus

    Are you anticipating putting posts here in lieau of Catallaxy?

    I wont “follow” as I rarely check email but have bookmarked your site.

    Thank you for your commentary.



    1. Thanks for your support.

      I don’t know what I will be doing. With the changes to the back end of Catallaxy, am taking the opportunity to set up a parallel site. Plan to concurrently post on both and to keep options open. Don’t know what the future holds.

      If enough people come here, might go exclusive to get a few Shekels from advertising. May be not. Don’t know how hard and what the issues are.
      Long way away.


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