Kerry O’Brien say ABC journalists are not very good

In a standard ABC programmatic love-in-oscopy, resident ABC Communist Phillip Adams interviewed retired ABC journalist Kerry O’Brien on the need for public broadcasting.  Oh and O’Brien joined the program via telephone from his home in, drum roll please, Byron Bay.

The interview proceeded like one would expect 2 bank robbers discussing the need to decriminalize bank robbery and to have the Certificate III in Bank Robbery provided free of charge at TAFEs.  But then it got interesting.  Around 11.20 into the interview, O’Brien said this:

I think that if a journalist is showing a particular bias, then they are simply not a good journalist.

Talk about insulting the institution that pays his defined benefit pension.  But does it get any more honest than that with O’Brien admitting that the journalists at the ABC are not very good.

What better case is there to materially reduce the ABC’s funding.

Come on Minister Fifield.  If Kerry O’Brien says so, it must be so.  De-fund the the ABC now.

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